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Over 100 years in the making...

We are a family run business now in it's fifth generation. Established in 1897 Burton Wood Turnery, or BWT, remains one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Cask & Keg Closures in the UK. We supply across the whole brewing market. 

Our product range includes Wooden Shives & Plastic Shives, Wooden Keystones & Plastic Evoprene Keystones, Wooden Hard Spiles & Plastic Hard Spiles (non porous). Wooden Soft Spiles or Pegs (porous), Straight & Tapered Clip Corks, Wine Corks & Stoppers. Wooden Cask Taps Water Butt Taps & Wine Making Taps in a range of sizes & Whisky Barrel Shives to name a few...

If you have something you need in a specific size or require a specific quantity , not a problem for us, we will supply any quantity of any product. Send us an email or call us with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can........

Why it's good to use our products

We do not use endangered species or timbers which can leave a taint to your beers. We remain committed to providing you with a full range of products to ensure your own beers remain in peak condition when tapped & served to your own customers wherever that may be. 

Our Timber & Cork products of course remain a natural product, and as such can be easily recycled without having to be specially collected, or taken to land fill and are produced to the most environmentally efficient processes to reduce carbon footprints with minimal waste. 

Timber remains the only renewable resource we have. With proper management of our woodlands we can ensure they are around for many years to come. it is not a finite resource like all plastic products. As founder members of 'Woodland Heritage' we remain committed to sourcing from well managed and sustainable woodlands.

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